Mahindra may look at selling the Scorpio SUV through its joint venture with Renault. The company may use Renault's dealer network in developing markets to sell the Scorpio.

The Scorpio is a typical third-world SUV, quite popular in India. Utility vehicle and farm tractor manufacturer Mahindra wants to sell the Scorpio in other emerging markets such as Africa.

Renault had recently entered into a 51:49 joint-venture with Mahindra for making the Logan in India. The Logan is expected to be launched by 2007.

Mahindra is already selling its vehicles in a host of countries including Uganda, Uruguay, Qatar, South Africa and Malaysia. 

Mahindra may also use Renault's Dacia plant in Romania to manufacture the Scorpio and then market it in the Eastern European countries through Renault distributors. Mahindra is already supposed to have developed a left-hand drive version of the vehicle.

One cannot rule out Renault marketing the Scorpio under the Dacia name. Renault does not have an SUV in its range currently.

Deepesh Rathore / Tilak Swarup