The transmission developed for Changan was unveiled at the LCV2018 show

The transmission developed for Changan was unveiled at the LCV2018 show

Magnomatics, which claims to be the world leader in magnetic gear technology, has launched its Magsplit device which combines engine power with an electrical boost system to provide what it calls "a simple yet highly efficient hybrid powertrain".

It was developed and built for China's Changan, to be used in the Eado and CS75 models.

CEO Dave Latimer said: "We are delighted to have had the opportunity to showcase the Magsplit  powertrain we are developing with Changan. This is the first time we have built a fully integrated unit specifically designed for a vehicle."

Ian Campbell, interim executive chairman of Innovate UK, said: "The UK is a centre of excellence for automotive and R&D support, as evidenced by the scale and quality of projects on show at LCV 2018. 

"Exciting projects such as the Magnomatics powertrain development show how our funding can stimulate collaborative innovation that has the potential to have a long-standing impact on the automotive sector.

"Our latest review into the impact of R&D funding for low carbon and zero emissions projects also shows the long-term benefits for these companies in terms of jobs and growth."

Magnomatics was formed in 2006 as a spin-off from the University of Sheffield. The city was once the steel capital of England, renowned for high quality cutlery exported worldwide.

The company is commercialising products based upon its proprietary magnetic gear technology.  

Magnetic gears are contactless and therefore very efficient over a broad range of speeds.  They are compact and also incorporate a torque fuse feature.  A magnetic gear can be combined with a stator to form a very efficient and torque dense motor or generator known as the Pseudo Direct Drive (PDD). These are especially suited to high torque, low speed applications.

A magnetic gear can also be adapted into a continuously variable hybrid transmission and power split device for automotive applications. Magsplit is also said to be efficient, compact and can filter torsional vibrations from the drivetrain.

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