Magneti Marelli Automotive Lighting and Carnia Industrial Park have inaugurated a new pavillion dedicated to the production of electronics for LED rear lighting for cars in the production complex in Tolmezzo in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy.

The new industrial site has production lines for circuit boards and will be completed by a design centre dedicated to electronics for rear illumination for cars.

The new construction covers an area of more than 5,000 square metres of production space and is located within the Carnia Industrial Park, which created the infrastructure, as part of the Automotive Lighting industrial complex in Tolmezzo.

The Automotive Lighting complex in Tolmezzo currently covers an area of 102,500 square metres, of which 32,000 are covered, with a certified production capacity of more than 4.8m pieces a year.

The Tolmezzo site is situated in a logistically important position regarding automotive production centres of Central-Eastern Europe, supplying brands worldwide, such as BMW, Daimler-Mercedes, the FCA group (Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Maserati), Ferrari, Ford, GM-Opel, the Volkswagen Group (Audi, Porsche), Volvo and others.

As well as the central body of the main production plant and the new pavilion, the complex also includes a Research and Development centre which, since 2000, has designed around 320 different types of light for approximately 200 car models and has introduced innovations including lights with a 'light curtain' effect, 3D and other solutions.

The same industrial perimeter also contains the Mould development and production Centre, which constitutes a concentration of process technology and produces moulds for rear lights for all Automotive Lighting plants worldwide.

"This new productive infrastructure allows us to further optimise the performance of the plant and render it more competitive," said Magneti Marelli CEO, Pietro Gorlier.

LED rear lights have a shorter activation time, which, at 120 km/h means a significant reduction in the stopping distance of the car behind, maintained Magneti in a statement. "LEDs also have a life expectancy equal to that of the car itself and consume approximately a fifth of the energy consumed by a traditional bulb: this energy efficiency translates in lower fuel consumption and reduced carbon dioxide emissions."

Magneti Marelli Automotive Lighting is the division dedicated to the development of automotive lighting solutions and has an annual production of around 21m headlights and 28m lights.

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