Toyota Motor Corp plans to launch an e-commerce system combining mobile phones, car navigation systems and FM radio stations across Japan, Kyodo News reported.

From August, Toyota drivers will be able to order compact discs containing music tracks they hear on FM radio via their mobile phones, officials told Kyodo News.

From next spring they’ll be able to do the same via car navigation systems, the officials added.

Drivers will be able to get information about music they are listening to when driving on the website Media Click, a venture Toyota is setting up next month with Dentsu Inc and other partners.

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Kyodo News said the next phase will allow drivers to buy any type of goods, pay for them, and book seats at restaurants via car navigation systems.

FM radio stations will automatically send Media Click real-time information about music they are broadcasting.

The driver can then use his car navigation system to get more information about a track being played or order a CD containing it, Kyodo News said.

Drivers will have to pay a few hundred yen annually from the second year of subscribing to the service, although they will not have to pay for the first year, Toyota officials told Kyodo News.

Users will be able to download music tracks they are listening to into their car navigation systems and get information from the internet on shop locations where they can buy CDs containing the tracks, the officials said.

Toyota plans to introduce similar services in Europe, Asia and the United States in the future.

Radio stations will receive a cut of the value of CDs bought by drivers and be freed from the need to respond to up to 1,000 inquiries a day about the music they play, Kyodo News said.

Drivers will eventually be able to buy books or reserve seats in restaurants plugged on radio programmes.

Kyodo News said the Japanese government wants cars to be equipped with sophisticated computer terminals that enable drivers to access a range of information services and the latest Toyota plan goes a long way towards that goal.

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