Leoni says it is increasingly offering preformed cable harnesses for passenger cars and is to showcase the technology at the forthcoming International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt.

Up to now, Leoni has developed and produced preformed cable harnesses primarily for commercial vehicles and following deployment of foamed, special applications such as grommets in the first car models, this technology is now also available for car engine compartments.

Leoni maintains preformed cable harnesses facilitate space and time-saving installation, especially around the engine block and the gearbox.

The use of foamed components can also ensure better shaping and accuracy of fit in tight spots or in channels, for instance from the engine compartment to the passenger cabin.

With its polyurethane-based production technology, Leoni has also produced vibration-resistant cable harnesses.

The preformed casing protects the wiring against dirt, humidity, oils and chemicals thanks to absolutely tight cable bushings, with no cut-off points, which reduce potential sources of faults.

Temperature resistance is also further improved so the preformed cable harnesses now withstands, depending on the requirement and area of application in the vehicle, up to 130 degrees in constant operation.

If required, Leoni equips these products with integrated fixing parts, which prevent movement and mechanical strain.