LeddarTech has acquired the assets of Phantom Intelligence, including all its intellectual property and technology.

Founded in 2011, Phantom Intelligence works in signal processing and LiDAR technology, which protects vulnerable road users (VRUs) and improves the safety and fluidity of travel by offering solutions that enable advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

The Phantom Intelligence transaction on 14 September, 2020 represents the second acquisition by LeddarTech in the last three months. In July, 2020, LeddarTech acquired VayaVision, an Israel-based sensor-fusion and perception technology company.

The acquisition of Phantom Intelligence provides LeddarTech access to specific LiDAR designs, software and associated customer and partner projects. The company and its intellectual property will transition through the LeddarTech brand.

"The Phantom Intelligence acquisition further advances our strategy to aggregate and consolidate automotive sensing technologies, enabling LeddarTech to offer comprehensive solutions to our customers at lower costs," said LeddarTech president and COO, Frantz Saintellemy.

"At LeddarTech we have, despite the COVID 19 pandemic, accelerated our drive towards serving multiple transportation and vehicle markets with end-to-end sensing solutions that provide our ADAS and AD customers a faster path to market at lower costs.

"The acquisitions of VayaVision and Phantom Intelligence, combined with our decade-long expertise in groundbreaking L1-5 ADAS and AD sensing technologies, demonstrate our commitment to continuous innovation and service to our Tier 1-2, OEM and autonomous mobility customers."