Egeus, Renault's SUV concept-car features boomerang-shaped headlights developed by Valeo that are formed of high-performance light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with Low and High Beam, Progressive Bending Light, Daytime Running Light and turn indicators.

All lighting functions are realised with high-performance LEDs that are semiconductors converting electrical energy directly into light. With their small size, powerful light emission, extreme reliability, low energy requirement, and record lifespan, LEDs are the technology of the future for automotive lighting, according to Valeo.

With a light colour close to that of daylight, this technology increases visual comfort and road visibility, the company says.

The electronic LED control unit adapts the quantity of light and orientation of the beam according to the driving conditions.

On a winding road, the direction of the beam is electronically managed by a specific function, while on the motorway, the diodes are activated and controlled automatically to provide optimal range without dazzle at all times, Valeo says.