Around 16% of Peugeot's retail sales here in the UK come from buyers wooed by the company's ‘just add fuel' sales campaign, now into its second year.

More encouragingly, it is attracting younger buyers and some 62% of those lured by the promise are new to the brand.

The campaign, which Peugeot said is profitable for dealers, is about to get new television exposure this week and has proved to be a real deal clincher.

According to Peugeot, it's not damaging the brand's image or used values in the way that cutting GBP3,000 off the price of a new car or telling buyers that they don't have to pay the VAT [sales tax] can.

Just add fuel - referred to as JAF internally - involves customers paying a deposit which is typically around GBP1,500, and then a monthly all-inclusive lease payment which varies from model to model; an A-segment 107 can be leased with a GBP1,500 deposit and payments of GBP169 a month while a C-segment 3008 MPV/minivan requires a GBP2,000 deposit and GBP299 a month.

The single monthly payment covers all major motoring costs - comprehensive insurance, road fund licence, vehicle servicing, roadside assistance and warranty in a three-year finance package.

The big challenge was putting together the insurance part of the deal since a 60-year-old living in rural tranquillity pays exactly the same as a 25-year-old living in Liverpool.

Which is why the scheme favours younger buyers and has seen an influx of those in their 20s and 30s, helping lower the average age of new Peugeot buyers to 42 from 52 which is another reason the scheme is seen as such a success.

JAF is also allowing buyers who have never bought new before to do just that, with half of customers stepping into the new car market for the first time with their used car providing enough money to pay the deposit.