Values of used commercial vehicles in the UK are expected to fall at a more pronounced level this month, according to EurotaxGlass's.

While a modest decline in values is expected during the summer, there is also pressure in many sectors of the market for values to move down towards more sustainable levels after a period when limited supply has kept prices high.

"It was inevitable that inflated price levels on used stock would eventually need to fall in line," said George Alexander, chief commercial vehicle editor at EurotaxGlass's.

"Rather than viewing this as a major setback, it would be better to reflect on just how resilient used price levels have proven over the past couple of years."

The situation is being complicated by manufacturers applying variable discounts according to the prevailing trading conditions, which have an immediate knock-on effect on late-year stock.

"Manufacturers must remember that to make their whole-life cost propositions stack-up, they need to protect strong residual values for late-year stock.

"The fortunes for new truck sectors are set fair over the coming six months or more due to well-documented supply difficulties, yet for light commercial vehicles conditions are likely to become tougher as we move toward 2008."