Planet Salvage is the first Internet based marketplace devoted to creating a global information and trading exchange for the salvage community. The launch of Planet Salvage's flagship auto salvage marketplace comes at a time when the auto parts industry is ripe for an Internet solution. Despite the significant volume of the auto salvage industry, estimated at $40-$60 billion in transaction volume each year, buying and selling recycled and rebuilt auto parts is a complicated, lengthy process that often results in lost sales for sellers and overpriced parts for buyers due to impractical sales methods. Planet Salvage simplifies and transforms this process.

Currently, online solutions for auto parts buyers and sellers are limited to web sites that act as intermediaries between only two parties and allow only certain registered suppliers to sell to on-line users. Planet Salvage is unique, allowing all auto salvage buyers and sellers to create member profiles and to place offerings and bids, giving users unlimited options regarding pricing and availability.

In the coming months Planet Salvage plans to deliver e-business marketplaces and services for the salvage industry focused on the recycling of materials ranging from auto parts to airplanes with the ability to host on-line salvage auctions.

"We are delighted with the immediate interest generated by our business model. Since our on-line launch June 13th we have registered a significant number of auto recyclers, dismantlers, collision and general repair businesses," said Scott Petersen, president and CEO, of Planet Salvage, Inc.

Technology, Key Strategic Partners

Planet Salvage has selected proven and scalable technology partners such as Sun, Cisco, Oracle, and BroadVision.

About Planet Salvage

Planet Salvage was formed in 1999 and is based in Lenexa, Kansas. Planet Salvage members can utilize the efficiencies of the Internet to bring buyers and sellers of salvaged products together in an open, non-restrictive environment that provides buyers with the ability to select the price and quality they want from a set of responses from qualified sellers. For more information, visit