KSPG is to showcase combustion engine and alternative propulsion technologies at next month's North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit..

As a Tier 1 supplier with five locations in the US and Mexico, KSPG will be focusing on efficient drive systems, highlighting its capabilities in current and future drive concepts.

The German company will present developments in coolant-based thermal management, ranging from a mechanically variable coolant pump via electric coolant valves and a range of variable electric coolant pumps, up to and including, an infinitely variable pump for 48-Volt onboard electrical systems also suitable for alternative propulsion.

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Innovations for combustion engines and alternative propulsion - KSPG focusses on measures to improve efficiency


New products for coolant control optimize conventional thermal management

Exhaust-gas recirculation reduces gasoline engine fuel consumption

Electric compressor enhances efficiency and fun-to-drive

Lightweight construction saves fuel

Heat pump enhances the operating range of hybrid and electric vehicles

At the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit (January 11 to 24, 2016), auto-industry supplier KSPG will be focusing closely on the subject of efficient drive systems. In the Cobo Center, the first-tier supplier with five locations in the United States and Mexico will be showcasing its comprehensive capabilities in optimizing current and future drive concepts.

On just under 140 square meters in room B 353, the German specialist in automotive engineering is presenting its latest developments in coolant-based thermal management ranging from a mechanically variable coolant pump via electric coolant valves and a range of fully variable electric coolant pumps up to and including an infinitely variable pump for 48-Volt onboard electrical systems also suitable for alternative propulsion.

Another important topic at this year's NAIAS presentation is exhaust-gas recirculation for gasoline engines. On show will be a new and extremely compact exhaust-gas recirculation valve for lowering fuel consumption at naturally aspirated and especially at turbo engines. A notable North American customer has already placed a large order for this valve.

Furthermore the company has developed an electric compressor for spontaneously boosting the charge pressure of turbo engines. This component allows pressure to be raised irrespective of the exhaust-gas energy available. The outcome: a more enjoyable drive and enhanced engine efficiency.

In addition, the subject of lightweight vehicle construction will be highlighted in all its aspects: from aluminum components to yet further improved lightweight pistons and the global strategic piston-ring alliance which KSPG has recently embarked on with Japan's Riken Corporation. The Liteks design for exceptionally light yet robust low friction pistons in gasoline car engines has been consistently further developed.

With its new heat pump module for both hybrid and all-electric drive systems, KSPG is emphasizing its intent on playing a role in tomorrow's market of alternative drive concepts. This module, which is currently being field tested by a European manufacturer, is ideal for vehicles on which there is temporarily no waste heat from the engine or such heat cannot be utilized. With its heat-pump function, the thermal management module ensures efficient heating/cooling of the vehicle's interior while reducing energy consumption and extending mileage range at the same time. The system can additionally be used to temper other car systems like the battery.

About KSPG

KSPG AG is the parent company of the Automotive sector at Germany's Rheinmetall Group. Sales in 2014 added up to around €2.5 billion of which NAFTA accounted for €345 million (around 14 percent). This first-tier auto-component supplier has been operating on the international automotive markets for over a century and employs a worldwide workforce of around 11,000. Its US and Mexican operations have a workforce of over 1,900. Other locations are in Europe, Brazil, Japan, India, and China.

Original source: http://www.kspg.com/en/press/press-releases/news-detail/news/detail/News/innovations-for-combustion-engines-and-alternative-propulsion-kspg-focusses-on-measures-to-improve/

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