Billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian on Wednesday challenged the findings of a probe into an evidence fumble that halted the trial of his fraud lawsuit against DaimlerChrysler AG, according to an Associated Press (AP) report.

Papers filed with the federal court say there is still no explanation for the sudden appearance late in the trial of documents Kerkorian's attorneys say were important to his case, AP said.

The report said that Collins Seitz, the special master charged by the court with investigating the circumstances behind the late discovery of the documents, concluded the most likely explanation involved errors by two photocopying companies and found no evidence indicating DaimlerChrysler hid the documents.

US District Judge Joseph Farnan is expected to make a final determination on the appropriate remedy for the late discovery of the notes, AP said.

According to the report, papers filed on Wednesday in US District Court in Wilmington say Kerkorian will seek sanctions against DaimlerChrysler for failure to hand over the evidence earlier but the investor won't, however, ask Farnan to find intentional misconduct as a basis for the sanctions.

Associated Press noted that Farnan in December recessed the trial so Seitz could gather facts on the handling of the documents, handwritten notes of top executives at the former Chrysler Corp.

Not shown to Kerkorian's lawyers during two years of preparation for the trial, the notes turned up two days before the trial was scheduled to end, AP added.

AP said notes dating back to the early days of merger negotiations between Chrysler and Daimler-Benz AG in 1998 are included in the late-revealed documents.

Kerkorian's suit says he was duped into backing the deal - a takeover disguised as a merger of equals - Associated Press added.