The vice chairman of the Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association has been officially elected to take part in leading the world's motor vehicle industry, the Korea Herald reported.

The report said Nam Choong-woo was officially elected as the vice chairman of the International Organisation of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, or OICA, at the weekend in Interlaken, Switzerland.

As the world's sixth largest auto producer, Korea became a permanent member of the OICA thanks to the modification of the association's statutes, the paper said - other permanent members are the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy and France and Korea joined the OICA in 1991.

The report said the six permanent members consist of manufacturers' groups, with at least one domestic automaker that rolls out 1.5 million cars or more annually, who discuss and decide OICA's major policies and business directions.

Nam's new post at the OICA is expected to elevate the international status of Korean auto manufacturers, according to KAMA, the Herald said.

The paper said the international trade association holds meetings every spring and autumn to discuss issues shared by auto industries worldwide and to vote on ways to sustain their development - OICA's job includes legislature of international technological codes, research on traffic issues and environmental issues such as global warming, approval of international motor shows and exchange of motor statistics.

Established in 1919, OICA consists of auto-related groups from 41 nations, the report added.

Having the Seoul Motor Show recognized by the OICA as the country's only international motor show in 1997, the Korean trade group held the international association's general meeting in Seoul last October, the Korea Herald added.