Lectra, a soft fabrics manufacturing specialist, has said that Johnson Controls has extended its "global partnership agreement" with Lectra for an additional three years.

Johnson Controls will acquire all of its high ply fabric cutting equipment and related services exclusively from Lectra.

Lectra says that during the first ten years of the agreement, Lectra supported Johnson Controls in "transforming their automotive trim cutting rooms worldwide, as they abandoned traditional die presses in favour of more flexible automated cutting."

Lectra claims that its "Vector solutions" are "ideal for high-volume cutting of a wide variety of automotive seat materials, with a resulting "increase in production flexibility, throughput and material efficiency".

"At Johnson Controls, we are continually investing in technologies and solutions that will allow us to produce more efficiently, while still providing our customers with consistent quality products. Extending this agreement underscores the value of our relationship with Lectra to help us achieve our strategic objectives," said Willy van-Looy, Global Director, Advanced Manufacturing Engineering, Trim Operations, Johnson Controls.