A deal between Jaguar Land Rover workers and their employer that will avoid compulsory redundancies for two years, has yet to be ratified by the membership and voting should begin next week, a JLR spokesman said on Tuesday.

He was responding to a Sky News 'ticker' report, citing unnamed sources, which suggested the deal had been signed and sealed.

Jaguar's Don Hume told just-auto the union and management had last week agreed a package of proposals to be put to members, and union leaders in the plants were now briefing them ahead of a vote expected to start next week.

In return for no compulsory redundancies for two years, workers were being asked to agree to a pay freeze for a year, no bonuses for a relative few, "what equates to a four-day week in the plants and for salaried employees an extended (40 instead of 37 hours) with no pay increase", Hume said.

Sky said the deal would save JLR GBP60m.

The key UK autoworkers union, Unite, also confirmed its shop stewards were this week briefing members.