Jaguar Land Rover is seeking a partner in the fast-growing Chinese market as it ploughs more than US$8.2bn into developing new vehicles over the next five years.

Tata Motors, which bought JLR from Ford in 2008, wants its British luxury car and SUV maker to compete with rivals such as BMW and to take advantage of the growing demand for luxury brands in emerging economies such China.

Tata chief executive officer Carl-Peter Forster told Reuters agency that JLR needs a Chinese joint venture partner and is currently taking to interested parties.

He added that JLR is working on new products in the UK and will work with Formula 1 racing team Williams on engine design as part of a five year plan.

The company plans to spend US$1.6bn a year on product creation over the short to medium term.

Jaguar announced last week it would also work with Williams on a GBP700,000 hybrid supercar of which only 250 would be built.