It has been reported today that Japan's auto exports rose 6.3 percent in July from a year ago, due to continued high sales in the United States and Asia.

A total of 395,370 cars, trucks and buses were exported from Japan last month, marking the fourth consecutive month of year-to-year gains, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association said Thursday.

This data was expected, coming on the heels of healthy automobile export figures released earlier this week from Japan's top five automakers

In July, auto exports to the U.S. market rose 7.0 percent to 140,228 vehicles from the same month last year, while exports to the rest of Asia totaled 39,286, up 53.6 percent.

Shipments to the European Union edged up 1.2 percent to 93,248. Exports to Latin America surged 24.9 percent to 29,386, while shipments to Australia and other countries in Oceania totaled 35,358, up 9.1 percent.

The only region where Japan's auto exports fell in the latest reporting month was the Middle East, where 23,787 vehicles were exported from Japan, down 6.2 percent.

Sales of automobiles account for nearly 15 percent of Japan's total export earnings.