The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) has said that it expects the Japanese market for new cars, trucks and buses, including mini-vehicles, to fall 14.2% in calendar year 2011.

JAMA has revised the forecast down due to disruptions resulting from the March 11 earthquake.

JAMA now expects the market to total 4,250,200 vehicles in 2011. In December it forecast a 2011 market of 4,465,000 vehicles. In 2010, vehicle sales totalled 4,956,136 units.

For the fiscal year to March 2012, the picture is better. JAMA expects sales to fall by a lower 3.3% to 4,450,300 vehicles, as Japanese automakers crank up production in the latter half to make up for earlier lost production. Nevertheless, that would be the lowest level since the fiscal year ended in March 1978.

JAMA Japan market forecast (%chya)
Total market  4,250,200 (-14.2)  
Cars             3,580,000 (-15.0)      
- 660cc Mini-cars     1,140,000 (-11.3)   
Commercial vehicles    660,000 (- 9.7)          
- 660cc Mini-trucks   375,000 (-15.1)  
Mini-vehicles total    1,515,000 (-12.2