Sotetsu Bus, Gunma University and Japan Mobility are to conduct a demonstration experiment of autonomous driving by remote monitoring and operation on 5 October and 14 October, during the Autumn Satoyama Garden Festa.

This is the first demonstration experiment in Japan to carry out autonomous driving by remote monitoring and operation of a large bus in commercial operation.

In addition, on 6 October, 7 October and 12 October to 14 October, automatic driving will occur with a driver assigned to the driver's seat for the second time.

Demonstration points:

  • Unmanned driver's seat of a large bus and automatic operation in commercial operation by remote monitoring / operation system
  • A remote monitoring/operation system has been installed in the Asahi sales office, with driving and stopping using the system
  • If a security person boards the vehicle and there is something wrong, safety is improved by operating the emergency stop switch
  • Providing more people with the opportunity to experience autonomous buses