Japan said on Thursday it was working to secure the rapid extradition of two men arrested in the United States on charges of enabling the dramatic escape of former Nissan Motor boss Carlos Ghosn from the country.

Reuters noted US authorities had arrested a former US Army Special Forces soldier and another man on Wednesday over the charges regarding Ghosn's escape in late December, while awaiting trial on accusations of financial misconduct.

"We are making preparations, including working to cooperate on a speedy extradition," chief cabinet officer Yoshihide Suga told Reuters, acknowledging the arrests.

Japanese lawyer Junichiro Hironaka, who had defended Ghosn until he fled, said in a telephone interview the key question was whether there was enough evidence to warrant extradition, and he would watch developments closely.

Former US Green Beret Michael Taylor, 59, and his son, Peter Taylor, 27, were arrested after US law enforcement learned the latter had booked a flight from Boston to Beirut departing Wednesday with a layover in London, court papers showed.

Nissan had said earlier it had taken note of the extradition proceedings and reserved the right to take further legal measures against Ghosn.

It filed a civil suit in Japan this year seeking JPY10bn (YS$93m) in damages from its former top executive for alleged misconduct.