Domestic production of cars, trucks and buses in Japan in the first half (January-June) rose 4.8% to 5,172,216 units, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association. In June alone, domestic production rose 7.9% to 927,341 units.

In January-June domestic output rose on-year for the first time in three years, and for the first time in two years topped the five-million-unit mark, the association said.

Output of passenger cars with engines larger than 2001 cc surged 12.4% to 1,701,251 units, and that of small passenger cars rose 1.5% to 1,904,384 units. Production of mini cars with engines of up to 660 cc also rose 3.8% to 668,417 units

Production of trucks fell 0.5% to 870,758 units, while that of busses rose 14% to 23,455 units.

In January-June, Toyota Motor Corp. posted a double-digit gain of 17.2 % to 311,611 units, and Mazda Motor Corp. also posted a 7.8% gain to 419,491 units while Nissan Motor Corp. plunged 1.4% to 679,030 units. Sales of Suzuki Motor Corp. expanded 1% to 462,329 units.

In June, automakers produced a total of 927,341 vehicles, up 7.9% from a year earlier for the fifth-straight such gain. This was due to an estimated rise in exports to the U.S. and Asia. Domestic car output of passenger cars surged 15% to 306,860 units, and that of small passenger cars rose 6.1% to 337,863 units. Production of mini cars also rose 5.4% to 118,925 units.

Production of trucks also gained 1.0% to 158,852 units, and that of buses rose 11.7% to 4,841 units.

In June, the five leading automakers excluding Mazda Motor Corp. posted positive gains. Mazda reported a decline of 0.7% to 68,153 units. Following is a company-by-company production in June and the first half (January-June).