The new Coupé is available with either aluminium or panoramic glass roof panels that are bonded into the main roof structure

The new Coupé is available with either aluminium or panoramic glass roof panels that are bonded into the main roof structure

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Speaking to at the media launch of the new F-TYPE Coupé in Barcelona and Lleida, Jaguar's global brand director Steven de Ploey says he wants 90 percent of sales to be conquests.

"Seventy five percent of people who've bought the F-TYPE [Convertible] have been new to Jaguar. For the Coupé, we have to lift this percentage to ninety," de Ploey stated, adding that he expects the Convertible/Coupé sales mix to settle at a ratio of 40/60.

Production of the additional bodystyle has just begun at JLR's Castle Bromwich plant in the English Midlands. F-TYPE build should be able to rise substantially later in 2014, following the cessation of XK production this summer. All four cars - F-TYPE and XK in Coupé and Convertible forms, come down the same line. Series production of the F-TYPE Convertible started in May 2013.

The F-TYPE uses a shorter, narrower variation of the XJ and XK's aluminium platform and the new body style brings with it an additional engine for the model, a 550PS supercharged 5.0-litre V8. For the moment, this will only be available in the Coupé. The other two engines, which are shared with the convertible, are 340PS and 380PS versions of a supercharged 3.0-litre V6. Convertible buyers do have the option of a supercharged 5.0-litre V8 but in 500PS form only, while this lower powered V8 is not available in the hatchback.

Ian Hoban, the new car's Vehicle Line Director (i.e. chief engineer) told that his team has created "the stiffest Jaguar ever". This is thanks to "a single piece aluminium body side, which is a pressing that has never been done before in the industry".

Exceptionally deep-draw aluminium pressings eliminate the requirement for joints in the panel surface. The body side panel is fabricated from high-strength and formable AC600 aluminium, which has also been used for structural reinforcement – both engineering firsts for Jaguar.

Hoban further notes that "extruded hydroformed beams have allowed us to deliver such a low roof line". Meanwhile, one of the few criticisms leveled at the convertible has been its tight boot space but this has been addressed in the new hatchback, with what is claimed to be "407 litres of useable trunk space".

The 550PS engine might be the most powerful yet seen in the F-TYPE but the brand has a history of adding extreme RS derivatives to certain models. When asked by what engine could power a future F-TYPE RS, chief designer Al Whelan grinned and answered, "We've got a few ideas about that".

Prices for the new Coupé are as follows:

  • 340PS F-TYPE (340PS 3.0) - GBP 51,235
  • 380PS F-TYPE S (380PS 3.0) - GBP 60,235
  • 550PS F-TYPE R (550PS 5.0) - GBP 85,000

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