Jaguar Land Rover is to recall about 44,000 cars built between 2016 and 2019, for excessive carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, according to a consumer group.

Which? said the Tata Motors-owned automaker is calling back 10 models with Ingenium two-litre diesel or petrol engines after routine testing found they 'do not consistently achieve the certified levels of CO2.

JLR told Which? owners may experience minor changes to the 'overall vehicle experience' while some 2016-2017 Range Rover Evoque models would need new tyres.

The recall is not yet on the UK's DVSA database but would be added, the report said.

JLR added owners of petrol models may notice stop/start operating at lower vehicle temperatures.

Ironically, a week ago, JLR said it was the first car maker to put its cars to the test with the AIR Index – and the new independent on-road emissions testing procedure found its diesel models have some of the lowest NOx emissions of any car on sale today.

Four models tested achieved an 'A' rating – the top rating possible – signifying that each emits between 0-80mg/km of nitrogen oxides, or NOx.