Chrysler sales outside North America rose 26% year on year to 18,556 units. Year to date sales rose 19% to 153,813 units.

"It is important to recognise opportunities outside North America to balance the impact any one region can have on the business," said newly privatised Chrysler's international sales head Michael Manley.

"Our focus of growth outside North America is not only to increase sales internationally, but also to ensure that the growth is balanced among the company's three brands. Our goal is for Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge to each account for roughly 30% of our international sales in 2009."

Last month, all three brands boosted sales year on year - Chrysler was up 1% (5,414 units), led by the 300C, Jeep jumped 30% thanks to the redesigned Wrangler which more than doubled compared with last year and Dodge rose 56% to 5,745 units after the brand was rolled out to new markets.

So far in 2007, Italy is the top-selling market outside North America (14,049 units) followed by Venezuela (12,198).

Chrysler said growth in Venezuela and South America was due to continued increases in locally-produced vehicles such as the Dodge Caliber and Jeep Grand Cherokee with help from imports including the Dodge Ram and Jeep Wrangler.

Latin America sales rose 36% in August to 4,478 units. Asia Pacific region sales rose 52% to 3,233 units, also boosted by locally-produced vehicles.

Chrysler expects to make more gains in the rest of 2007 following the Frankfurt motor show launch this week of the redesigned Chrysler Grand Voyager minivan line and Jeep Cherokee (Liberty) and the world debut of the Dodge Journey.