DMAX, Ltd., a joint venture company between Isuzu Motors America, Inc., (Isuzu) and General Motors (GM), for diesel engine manufacturing and sales, has started production of the new Duramax Diesel 6600 V8 engine. "We are very pleased Isuzu could help provide a new engine to meet the needs of GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado customers," said Kazuhira Seki, Chairman and CEO, Isuzu Motors Limited, the parent company of Isuzu Motors America, Inc. "Early indications are excellent that the quality and performance of this engine will deliver a premium diesel product which is a real tribute to the workforce at DMAX. DMAX and its product are important elements in Isuzu's strategy of becoming the world's largest diesel engine manufacturer. The Duramax Diesel 6600 will be the benchmark for the industry."