Caterpillar Logistics Services' UK subsidiary XPart has launched a new internet based forum for its 230-outlet AutoService centre network, intended to provide provide faster information for MG Rover repairers.

The forum has two main discussion areas (parts technical and service technical) as well as a 'torque shop' where members can discuss any other motoring related subjects.

"The new forum is another tool designed to ensure that garages within the AutoService centre network have access to the very latest and most accurate information relating to MG Rover repairs," said Xpart service marketing manager Don Lindsay.

"With the rising popularity and growth of internet discussion groups and social networking sites, workshop technicians are increasingly turning to the internet when they encounter an unfamiliar problem.

"While this is a very efficient method of obtaining information quickly, some of the answers supplied are misinformed and could potentially cause even more harm to a vehicle. By launching the forum which is correctly moderated by experts who are properly informed we can be sure that technicians are receiving the right advice."

Moderators on the site include XPart's customer support team who can respond to parts queries. Technical discussions are moderated by Omitec, which designed the original T4 diagnostic equipment on behalf of now-defunct MG Rover for its dealers, many of whom are still in business servicing and repairing the cars.

Omitec works closely with XPart to maintain a database of the entire library of service bulletins issued by MG Rover and also holds copies of more recently issued technical tips which includes details of known faults and fixes, and are released annually to the AutoService network.

"An added benefit of the new forum is that it will help us with the diagnosis and repair of new faults," continues Lindsay. "As MG Rover vehicles exceed the mileage seen by MG Rover engineers, the forum will harness the skills and knowledge of technicians within [our] network, allowing details to be circulated even quicker than before."

Membership of the technical forum is restricted to garages within the network and is reached through XPart's dealer extranet.

Xpart began distributing original MG Rover parts since 2001.