announced today Interlift, Inc., a premier provider of liftgates for the trucking industry, has joined the digital marketplace to enable them to perform business-to-business e-commerce.

In April 2000, Interlift launched an interactive 3D product demonstration tool on their website at The tool enables customers to test the functionality and gain enough understanding of the product through the Internet to make an informed purchase decision through traditional methods. The 3D product images, called Reality Objects(TM), and the demo tool were created by

Less than two months later, Interlift has elected to sell their products on the Internet using's See, Try, Buy(TM) e-commerce system (patent pending). In this scenario, a registered customer may go to Interlift's website to view and interact with the 3D models of the product but must enter the marketplace if they elect to make a purchase online.

"The decision to place their products in our digital marketplace marks an important turning point for Interlift. Their customer's need to see how the liftgates operate made e-commerce a difficult prospect for Interlift. But by making interactive 3D models of the product easily accessible and creating a realistic representation of its functionality, Interlift can make the leap into online sales. And because of our global network of sellers and buyers, they can do it on a much larger scale than if they were to deploy a stand-alone e-commerce system on their own," said Christian Lauritzen,'s vice president of strategic development.

"Our decision to offer our product for sale on the commerce site was a relatively easy one to make. First of all, no other 3D company can provide the interactivity their three-dimensional product provides. They have the technology, infrastructure, expertise and the global presence to help us to be a first mover in our industry and experience all of the advantages e-commerce can offer. " said Hakan Peterson, Interlift vice president.

Through a nation-wide distributor network, Interlift, Inc., based in Santa Fe Springs, Calif., manufactures and sells liftgates for trucks to a variety of different industries including, paper and office supply distributors, linen supply companies, frozen food distributors and high value electronics transporters. Interlift's parent company, MBB Liftsystem AG located in Germany, manufactures a variety of different product lines including liftgates, handicap lifts and numerous high tech items, which are marketed around the world., is a global company providing a large scale business-to-business digital marketplace and interactive 3D content development to a broad range of industries including automotive, furniture, industrial and aerospace. The digital marketplace allows businesses to See, Try and Buy(TM) complex products over the Internet by utilizing advanced 3D technology and a large scale B2B transaction platform. The platform is a best-of-breed system using Oracle databases and Ariba's Commerce Center. Genuity, Inc., hosts the website. Within the marketplace, sellers are able to present their manufactured goods in 3D form, enabling buyers to electronically interact with the three-dimensional products, exchange information and conduct transactions. For more information about, please contact Phyllis Dretzka at 949-585-3058 or via email at