Interactive Auto Parts, a subsidiary of A&B Mechanical, Inc., launched into cyberspace on July 5th, 2000. Offering millions of automotive parts, Interactive Auto Parts will appeal to the customer who wants to communicate with a real person instead of a network of computers.

"We have a staff of highly trained and motivated individuals," says Cameron DeJong, Interactive Auto Parts web designer and marketer. "Along with their high qualifications, the staff is also very friendly and will appeal to all customers especially those who do not like communicating with machines that give automated responses to everything now days."

Allen Perry, co-owner of Interactive Auto Parts, looks forward to working with people all over the United States. "I think this is going to be a very worthwhile venture. Being able to expand outside of our current store to people all over the country will show why we are some of the best at what we do," said Perry.

In addition to offering automotive parts and accessories, Interactive Auto Parts co-owner Gary DeJong will be offering his services with diagnosis of vehicle problems and recommendations of solutions. Gary is a service technician of 25 years and one of the most well respected technicians on the east coast of the United States.

Both owners agree that the personal service will separate Interactive Auto Parts from other auto parts stores online. "We guarantee to have a real person respond to all inquiries within an hour. Otherwise, we will give the customer free shipping."

Other than quick response time to inquiries, Interactive Auto Parts offers various methods of customer support contact, including e-mail and live chat with representatives.

"I am very eager to get things kicked off. There are some doubters that think that an old-fashioned non-automated e-store will lag behind. But we are confident that with our great team of workers and with the access to virtually every automotive part imaginable that the sky is the limit for us, and especially for the customers we look forward to serving," said Cameron DeJong.

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