Inrix is collaborating with SharedStreets to align data validated and managed by cities and road authorities using the Inrix AV Road Rules platform.

Currently, street-level data standards used by private companies and public agencies are incompatible. In addition, driving restrictions are communicated with terrestrial signage and lane-striping and are frequently absent from or incorrect on digital maps.

SharedStreets provides a new, global, non-proprietary system for describing streets designed to be compatible with any source of street data, public or private.

"Data that underpins the mobility systems of the future must be easily understood and shared, just like city streets are today," said co-director at SharedStreets and Open Transport Partnership, Mollie McArdle.

"SharedStreets enables cities and companies to work together, with a mutual understanding of the street."

Inrix provides the foundation for cities and road authorities to communicate with operators for safe and effective deployment of HAVs on public roads. Inrix AV Road Rules is the first platform that enables cities and road authorities to assign, validate and manage traffic rules and restrictions to support the safe and effective operation of autonomous vehicles on public roads.

The platform also leverages information from HAVs to report infrastructure improvement needs, making the roads safer for all users. By leveraging SharedStreets, Inrix ensures the data cities and road authorities validate and manage with AV Road Rules can be used across multiple providers and applications.