The Taiwan Economic News reports that Taiwan's China Motor Corp., in partnership with Mitsubishi Motors of Japan, recently exported its techniques and parts to the Premier Automobile Ltd. (PAL) of India for the production of Verica commercial van and pickup models there.

The report said that China Motor signed a technical cooperation agreement with PAL in 2000, but didn't move to put the agreement into practice until this year due to PAL's financial and corporate restructuring problems.

PAL has locally produced the Verica model developed by China Motor under the names of Roadstar (pickup) and Sigma (van) with production starting earlier this year.

The report added that China Motor is initially exporting complete auto bodies without interior equipment (i.e. White Bodies) to PAL in the initial stage, which will be changed to CKD (complete knockdown unit) parts later this year as the Indian partner upgrades its production techniques.

PAL expects to produce 5,000 Roadstars and Sigmas this year and the volume is expected to reach 10,000 next year. It is planned that by 2007, the company will be producing 24,000 units a year.