Conflicting reports are emerging from India surrounding any possible restart date of Maruti-Suzuki's violence-ravaged Manesar plant, that has been under a state of lock-out since 21 July.

A date of 22 August is being mooted in India for any resumption of work, but the automaker itself is declining to confirm the possibility.

However, what the manufacturer did affirm was Suzuki chairman, Osamu Suzuki, would be visiting Maruti on 28 August to coincide with the annual general meeting.

"The chairman of Suzuki is coming to the AGM every year - the AGM is 28 August," a Maruti spokesman told just-auto from India on the day the country is celebrating its annual Independence Day from the former British rulers.

"We have not made any announcement about a restart date. Regular meetings are done every day and there is nothing to report - no announcement has been made."

The All India Trades Union Congress (AITUC) indicated to just-auto yesterday (14 August) there was "every likelihood" production would restart at the site where a rampaging mob caused a huge fire to claim the life of the HR manager and hospitalise dozens of employees.

Maruti-Suzuki has imposed a lock-out at the plant leading to the 4,000 staff staying at home with no pay, while the State of Haryana has offered to provide a battalion of police, many of them armed at the site for a year to convince the automaker the factory is safe to operate.