Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide has won a contract to supply 10 hydrogen hybrid Toyota Prius carss to VistOrka for use in Iceland's so-called SMART-H2 project.

The Sustainable Marine and Road Transport - Hydrogen project is a supported market introduction where participants impose various demands on hydrogen technology in a variety of market applications.

VistOrka's role includes leading the steering committee for the project, financing its management, subsidising hydrogen vehicles, and providing support to follow up all parts of the project which is claimed to be one of the largest hydrogen demonstrations in the world.

The first phase is to introduce hydrogen vehicles to potential customers. Customers will buy or lease these hydrogen vehicles from VistOrka, which will also provide technical support. The first customers will be energy companies, investment funds, and the local Hertz car rental unit.

SMART-H2 will be expanded with additional hydrogen vehicles introduced in 2008-2009.