Co-Marketing and Joint Sales Will Create Robust e-Business Solutions for Manufacturers from a Single Source

IBM and Trilogy(TM) have announced a global e-business alliance to co-market and jointly deliver integrated solutions to automotive and heavy equipment manufacturers.

Trilogy's complete Trilogy MultiChannel Commerce(TM) application suite, combined with IBM's world-class implementation service and support, hardware and software will enable automotive and heavy equipment manufacturers to obtain today's most robust e-business solutions from a single source.

IBM and Trilogy said their ability to link and implement engineering, back office processes and customer-facing e-business solutions on a unified system is a significant step in helping manufacturers reach their goal of build-to-order manufacturing.

The Trilogy MultiChannel Commerce application suite has nearly a dozen solutions, including those that provide automakers, heavy equipment manufacturers, and dealers with tools to build brand loyalty, facilitate lead generation and consumer buying decisions, simplify fleet procurement and a build-to-order solution to help optimize vehicle production and distribution.

"The next five years will bring about the greatest changes the automotive industry has seen in decades--manufacturers are faced with tremendous opportunity for growth through e-commerce and the achievement of build-to-order," said Joe Liemandt, CEO and president of Trilogy. "Trilogy is proud to join forces with a world-class e-business leader like IBM to provide OEMs with the software, hardware and services they need to transform the way they do business."

"Trilogy is well regarded as a dominant force in automotive e-business and IBM is pleased to complement our leadership position by joining with this cutting-edge software company," said Steve Ward, general manager, IBM Global Industrial Sector. "This alliance is a strong testament to IBM's commitment to providing our customers with the most powerful, innovative e-business applications and implementation services and support available today."

This alliance extends the long-standing technology relationship between IBM and Trilogy, and leverages each partner's past success in the automotive industry.

Under the terms of the agreement, IBM and Trilogy are collaborating on a global marketing campaign that includes co-branded advertising and a joint presence at targeted automotive industry events.

IBM Automotive has committed to forming a worldwide product and services team specializing in the distribution and support of the Trilogy MultiChannel Commerce solution. The expert team will enable automotive industry clients to create and deploy end-to-end e-business solutions based on the full breadth of IBM's and Trilogy's products and services, and will continue to provide customers with skilled service and support after implementation.

Since its launch in November of 1999, the Trilogy MultiChannel Commerce solution has been architected for powerful performance using IBM's hardware, software and component technology framework for e-business. Utilizing IBM's WebSphere 3.02 for OS/390, Global 1000 companies can deploy the Trilogy MultiChannel Commerce solution on the most reliable hardware in the world. In combination with Universal Database 6.1 and the IBM RS/6000 Model S80, the Trilogy MultiChannel Commerce solution has been demonstrated to deliver in excess of 5.1 million transactions per hour by effectively utilizing Universal Database's ability to handle multiple terabytes of data in a high transaction volume environment.

The Trilogy MultiChannel Commerce application suite fully supports IBM's WebSphere application server, Universal Database, Domino Go, IBM HTTP web server, MQ Series, and runs on IBM's most advanced OS/390, RS/6000, AS/400 and Netfinity hardware.

Trilogy is continuing to work with IBM to develop version 3.0 of the Trilogy MultiChannel Commerce solution optimized for the soon to-be-released version 3.5 WebSphere Application Server and the upcoming version 7 of Universal Database to create the most powerful enterprise class e-commerce system available today.