Toyota doesn't expect to sell as many cars in Germany as it originally hoped this year as it has failed to keep up with demand for its hybrid-powered cars in the country, an executive told a German paper.

"Reaching 80,000 cars this year will not be possible," the head of Toyota Germany, Toshiaki Yasuda, told Handelsblatt newspaper, Reuteres reported.

"Right now, I think it will be more like 78,000," he added.

Yasuda reportedly said Toyota had been too slow in delivering the battery packs needed for hybrid cars from Japan.

"Hybrid cars make up around 40% of our sales, but if you look at the real demand it's more like 60%," Yasuda said, adding that waiting times for its Prius (from Japan), Auris (UK) and Yaris (France) hybrid cars were now down to between three and four months, from a previous six to nine months.