UK car firms are feeling positive after Japanese car giant Honda revealed plans to double its UK car production.

The company, which is Japan's third largest car maker, has decided recently that it will shift the entire production of its new three-door Civic model to its Swindon plant next year.

Honda said that because the yen has not proved as weak against the pound as the euro, it will export around 10,000 Civic cars a year from its Wiltshire factory back to Japan -- the first time Honda cars manufactured in Britain have been exported back to the country.

The news comes after warnings from car makers like Toyota, Nissan and Matsushita that they may move production to the continent if Britain does not adopt the European single currency.

However, Honda's decision suggests that not all companies are finding the going difficult. Its announcement coincided with an opinion poll conducted by BBC Radio 4, showing that two-thirds of British people now believed that joining the euro would be bad for Britain.