Honda and Nissan are developing solid-state batteries for electric vehicles, according to a Japanese media report.

The Kyodo news agency report said the two OEMs are separately planning to produce solid-state batteries, which can be charged more quickly than lithium-ion batteries and are considered to be safer.

With their greater capacity solid-state batteries hold out the prospect of greater range on a full charge.

The solid-state battery 'has a huge potential' to become the key to boosting EVs, an unnamed  Honda executive told the news agency.

Toyota is also working on solid-state battery technology.

Toyota says it has been actively developing next-generation solid-state batteries and aims to commercialise the technology by the early 2020s. In addition, Toyota and Panasonic will start a feasibility study on a joint automotive prismatic battery business in order to achieve 'the best automotive prismatic battery in the industry and to ultimately contribute to the popularisation of Toyota's and other automakers' electrified vehicles'.