Due to the overflow of a river near Honda's auto plant in Celaya, Mexico, all auto and component production was suspended on 28 June.  As a result, production of the Honda Fit and HR-V in Celaya has been suspended for the month of July. Honda said in a statement: "Our teams continue to investigate the damage to the tooling and equipment at the plant and we anticipate that it will take several weeks to determine when we can resume Fit and HR-V production. The Honda transmission plant in Celaya resumed production effective 9 July."

The Honda HR-V also is produced at another Honda auto plant in Guadalajara, Mexico, about 160 miles west of Celaya, which did not experience any flooding. Production of the refreshed 2019 Honda HR-V is now underway at the Guadalajara plant.

Furthermore, Insight production at Honda's auto plant in Indiana will be suspended in the month of August due to a critical engine part that is produced at the Celaya engine plant.

Honda said its commitment is 'always to provide our customers with high quality products and production will not resume until we can ensure the highest levels of quality for all parts and products'.

The company added it will provide updates periodically on the progress of the recovery efforts and the timing of the restart of production.