Honda Motor Co. announced Tuesday (19/9/00) that is it to recall a total of 556,924 passenger cars due to possible problems with audio equipment and defective oil seals on engines, says Dow Jones (19/9/00).

The possible malfunctions - affecting cars sold in Japan - involves an electronic part in the audio equipment supplied by Alpine Electronics Inc. that could heat up excessively and cause the speakers to catch fire.

Honda said that 320,710 cars - manufactured between July 1991 and March 1997 and equipped with the faulty equipment - are involved. Six models are subject to the recall including the Prelude, Accord and the Legend.

An additional 236,214 cars - made in Japan and in the US between July 1993 and September 1995 - are to be recalled to repair a defective oil seal that may cause oil to leak. Models affected by the defective seal include the US-made Accord and the Odyssey minivan.

The report - citing a Honda spokeswoman - said that the company has yet to decide whether any cars sold outside Japan are also to be recalled.