Honda Motor Co., Ltd., announced that by late 2001 most of its worldwide line-up of gasoline general purpose engines will meet the world's most stringent emissions levels of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Phase 2 emission standards for the final phase in the year 2006.

Honda will begin to phase in the new, cleaner engines this year. By late 2001, Honda will achieve the EPA emissions level throughout most of its gasoline general purpose engine lineup -- reducing hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide exhaust emissions by 30% compared to 1995 levels. All Honda Class 1 engines (100 - 225cm cubed) will meet EPA Phase 2 emissions levels six years prior to the required EPA compliance date. All Honda Class 2 engines (225cm cubed and larger) will meet the EPA final emissions levels four years prior to the requirement.

All Honda general purpose engines meeting the EPA phase 2 emissions levels will include an engine "hang tag" bearing an "e-SPEC" logo, a new Honda- exclusive mark which symbolizes the advanced environmental technologies in Honda power products.

Honda began production of power products in 1953. Honda's power product business has since grown from small and fuel-efficient general purpose engines and portable generators to include lawn mowers, outboard marine engines and various other products built on the foundation of Honda's advanced 4-stroke engine technology. Honda sold a record of more than 4.1 million power products worldwide in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2000, an 18.9% increase from the previous year -- with cumulative production topping 40 million units in March 2000. In 1999, Honda completed the conversion of its entire line of power products to more environmentally friendly 4-stroke engines -- including products with very small-displacement engines that formerly used 2-stroke engines. Further, Honda's entire line of outboard engines exceed the EPA Marine Engine Emission Standards for 2006, the last year of a gradual emission reduction program set by the EPA.

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