Honda has said that it is considering additional lawsuits against nine Chinese automakers in addition to two already filed, accusing them of copying the design of its CR-V sport utility vehicle, CBS Marketwatch reports.
Honda has already filed suit against Shijiazhuang Shuanghuan Automobile Co. in November 2003 and Hebei Xinkai Automobile Manufacturing Co. at the end of November 2004, alleging infringement on the CR-V's designs, the report said.

Honda will try to seek resolution through talks with nine Chinese automakers, but if it fails to reach agreements, it will seek legal recourse in China, the automaker said, according to CBS.

Honda said the vehicles made by those automakers have strikingly similar exteriors as the CR-V.

Honda said it is also looking into a report that some Chinese retailers are selling Honda logos to be used on the vehicles that Honda alleges copied its designs.

The controversy has caused confusion in China, as some customers who own CR-Vs asked the automaker if they can replace parts in CR-Vs with the ones marketed for the CR-V look-alike cars, the automaker said.

Honda began local production of CR-V in April. It sold 9,000 CR-Vs in China between May and November, CBS said.