Hefei city authorities in the eastern China province of Anhui this week completed construction of a new 4.4km ring road with full 5G coverage which will soon be open for public use.

Construction of the ring road in the Bahoe district of the city began in August 2019 and it now has full 5G coverage complete with road monitoring devices linked to a cloud control centre. It is seen locally as a model for future high tech road infrastructure development as it offers enhanced road safety features.

The road will available for normal traffic as well as for trials of autonomous and connected vehicles which can be tested in real world conditions.
Anhui joins a number of Chinese cities offering connected zones and roads where autonomous vehicles can be trialed, including Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen.

China is keen to become a global leader in 5G connected, intelligent and autonomous vehicle technology and is encouraging the development of special testing zones and increased real world road trials nationwide.