Harman says it has delivered the new NTG5 infotainment system for Mercedes-Benz  S-Class vehicles.

The infotainment unit uses wireless connectivity with Harman's navigation functionality, with each passenger able to access personalised entertainment, while sharing content in the car.

Each seat will also have automotive-grade apps such as news and social networks.

"We're very excited to be starting production of our next-generation NTG5 system, which enables Mercedes-Benz to provide their vehicles with entertainment features, connectivity and navigation including 3-D HDD navigation," said Harman EVP and co-president of the infotainment and lifestyle divisions, Michael Mauser.

All screens support HD video, and the front dash screen additionally allows ‘split-view mode,' for driver and passenger to access and see different content on the same screen.

With the Driveshow feature, passengers can follow the route on their screens that highlight points of interest along the way.

The NTG5 also delivers wired and wireless mobile device integration including a WLAN hotspot in the head unit. A media interface allows drivers and passengers the choice of connecting both their iOS and Android devices via USB or Bluetooth.

The system also supports Message Access Profile (MAP), equipping the vehicle with mobile office features such as e-mail and SMS, which can be handled in a safe way via an animated 3D human-machine interface (HMI) with graphics in HD resolution.

In addition, messages can be read-out to the driver in 18 languages.

Also, the infotainment system enables the passengers to browse the internet and access various automotive-grade apps.

For example, passengers can listen to internet radio stations, check the weather or traffic on their destination, share content on social media and browse or download maps.

The system also includes car related assistance and services including emergency calling.

Harman technology is also visible in the HDD navigation within the NTG5 system. Navigation routes can be made clearer to the driver through 3D city models that show realistic buildings and route markers.

Using layered graphics, drivers can see 'through' buildings and obstacles on the route ahead to anticipate road manoeuvres.

The navigation system can be controlled via speech - for example if the user is looking for a point of interest they call it out in their natural voice and the system starts searching.

All route planning can be done via Google maps on a home computer, and these personal routes are automatically transferred to the head unit via the Mercedes user portal.

In addition to this, HD Live Traffic incorporates real-time traffic information in route planning.

Harman is producing versions of this new infotainment system for all global markets.

Having started production for the S-Class now, the NTG5 will be rolled out to various Mercedes S-Class models.

Production for high-volume C-Class vehicles, which will include Harman navigation, is expected to begin early in calendar year 2014.