Production of car tyres at Goodyear at Wolverhampton in the English Midlands is to come to an end with the loss of more than 400 jobs, the BBC said on its website.

The report noted that the firm's car and light truck tyre plant has been making tyres at its Fordhouses plant on the Stafford Road for more than 70 years and that after production ends 600 staff will be left making remoulds and tyres for tractors.

Goodyear Dunlop said it needed to transfer the work to its other locations in the UK and Europe to remain competitive, the BBC said.

The BBC said the firm informed the Department of Trade and Industry and the unions in September of its plans to cut production in Wolverhampton and warned that up to 420 staff could be affected - a 90-day consultation process with unions and individuals was held following the announcement.

The report said the job cuts represented 10% of the company's 4,000-strong workforce in the UK but added that those working in Goodyear's Birmingham and Washington, Tyne & Wear, factories are not affected by the announcement.

Since 1997 about 2,000 manufacturing jobs have been lost at the Wolverhampton factory, the BBC added.