Thousands of Ford Explorer owners have chosen a pro-active approach to improve the safety margin of their Ford Explorer sport utility vehicles. In an effort to upgrade overall handling and provide a more enjoyable and safer driving experience, these drivers have installed aftermarket suspension products.

Aftermarket products (not sold by new vehicle manufacturers) offer a whole new approach to the inherent roll and pitch characteristics of 'top heavy' sport utility vehicles....they fix it!

It's common knowledge that a lower center of gravity produces more stable and thus safer cornering conditions. This upgrade is readily available by installing a properly designed 'bolt-on' lowering system....with no harsh ride effects. When combined with performance shock absorbers, heavy duty sway bars, and upgraded tires...the Ford Explorer delivers a more enjoyable and safer driving experience.

There's a reason the Ford Explorer is the most popular selling sport utility vehicle...buyers are impressed by the excellent utility, comfort, and off road capability. Built-in high suspension travel and ride-height offers 'good' ride quality (defined as a soft, non-jarring ride) for both highway and off road driving.

It's no secret that the overwhelming majority of Ford Explorer owners never drive off road. These are the drivers who willingly trade the off road capability for a safer, more controlled highway ride.

One company, Explorer Express in Richmond CA, offers a specially tuned handling package for the highway-only driver. According to the general manager, Dave Vanek, "our suspension kit won't turn you into Mario Andretti, but it'll make the average Explorer driver more comfortable, especially when traffic or road conditions require dramatic inputs to steering or brakes. The eerie pitching and roll motions are virtually eliminated and Explorers are more stable conditions under hard braking."

The $800-$900 (depending on year) Explorer Express X-SPEC handling package includes a lowering kit, specially tuned Edelbrock shock absorbers, beefier sway bars and has been tested by leading experts in the field.

Matt Stone, executive editor of Motor Trend Magazine, wrote "perhaps the most impressive is how downright 'easy-to-live with' the Explorer Express vehicle is. Definite measurable improvements are achieved in every performance aspect, yet the ride feels no harsher than stock. The float and wallow, so common to stock SUV's, is gone and the steering feel and response are much better. It's clear the components in the Explorer Express X-SPEC package work well together in a very balanced manner."

Famous race driver and leading performance driving school owner, Bob Bondurant, reported after a recent highway and track test, "I was surprised...On the racetrack, the Explorer Express equipped SUV is just as quick as our Mustang GT's. The handling is excellent and turn-in is excellent too. The vehicle is neutral, predictable, and forgiving at the limit."

Vanek added, "no way is the Ford Explorer an unsafe vehicle. It's designed to meet a great many consumer demands, both on and off road...with our 'open road/highway only' suspension kits, we zero in on this specific driving situation for greater safety and driving pleasure."