General Motors plans to spend $US98 million over the next three years to update equipment at its Indianapolis Metal Centre.

The Detroit News said GM announced on Monday it would install the new equipment for future product programmes at the 1,700-employee plant.

The equipment will include a new progressive press to stamp automotive components for GM vehicles and weld assembly systems to unite stamped components, the company reportedly said.

"By upgrading aging equipment with a new progressive press and weld assembly systems, we will improve the plant's flexibility and be able to produce higher quality components more efficiently," Jim De Luca, manufacturing manager for GM North American Manufacturing, told the Detroit News.

Manager Max Miller told the paper that the new equipment would retain jobs in the plant, which opened in 1930.

The Detroit News noted that, in the last two years, GM has invested $72 million at the plant for several weld assembly cells and tools for product programmes - coupled with the new spending, GM has targeted almost $171 million for the Indianapolis facility since December 2002.