Lets hope the low spoiler is now squishy plastic, not rigid

Let's hope the low spoiler is now squishy plastic, not rigid

It won't be fully revealed until January's NAIAS, but the covers have been partially removed from a 2016 Chevrolet Volt at an event in Los Angeles.

The second generation car has already had its rear-end teased, now GM has shown some of the front. The grille has silver detailing in common with the Chevrolet Spark EV and what appear to be daytime running lights are in the lower part of the bumper. This is curious as the car is not officially planned to be sold in the European Union, Opel and Vauxhall having had such a hard time shifting the existing Ampera and of course, Chevy being pulled from Europe as a brand.

The 2016 Volt will be manufactured at the same plant as the first generation model. Detroit-Hamtramck will undergo preparations in the new year for a start of production date that is said to be some time in August. It's not yet known if some of the issues raised by existing Volt owners will be addressed, namely more room and space for five occupants, more range in EV mode, and a lower price.

The existing Volt's main markets continue to be the north east and west coasts of the US. Around 70,000 cars have been sold in four years, GM stated earlier this month. The company had at one time hoped for 60,000 units a year. It is understood that the next model is seen within General Motors as a niche vehicle.

The new car's range extender will be a 1.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, which replaces a 1.4-litre unit. This will be manufactured at Flint Engine Operations. There will be two electric motors, each of which will power the wheels. As for the battery pack, the cells will be larger, with their storage capacity raised by 20 percent. The cells will number 192, whereas there are 288 in the first generation Volt.

While not yet confirmed, it is believed that the Volt will swap the Global Delta platform for the newer D2xx architecture.

In a related development, GM has announced that owners of the next model will be able to recharge their cars remotely, and also see, via Nissan Leaf-style illuminated lights on the dashboard, how much energy remains.

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