General Motors has struck a tentative agreement with one of five United Auto Workers union branches that had threatened a strike against it, a Detroit newspaper reported on Wednesday.

GM spokesman Dan Flores told the Detroit News that GM and UAW Local (branch) 1005 in Parma, Ohio, have a deal pending ratification by the local's members though a ratification vote date has not yet been set.

The automaker is still negotiating with four locals that issued strike warnings last week in Flint, Warren, Lansing (all in Michigan) and Arlington, Texas, the paper noted.

The Detroit News said the Parma factory employs about 100 hourly workers and, critically, provides components for the fast-selling Cobalt small car that's built in Lordstown, Ohio.

Local 1005 president Tito Boneta told the paper on Tuesday a key issue in the plant-level bargaining was that the company wanted to significantly broaden the job descriptions of skilled trade workers. The workers, who receive special training for narrowly defined tasks, typically have more seniority and higher hourly pay than their peers on the line.

UAW strike warnings issued last week gave GM five days to make progress in local talks, the Detroit News said. Without progress in that time, the warnings said, the locals would issue official strike notices telling GM there would be a walkout within five days if there's not a deal.

GM is currently coping with an American Axle & Manufacturing strike which has affected or stopped production at 30 of its factories and at some suppliers.