General Motors plans to focus on new products and educating potential buyers about the unique aspects of its car and trucks as part of a multifaceted strategy for fixing its ailing North American business, the head of GM North America said at the New York motor show, according to an Associated Press report.

Gary Cowger was said to have acknowledged GM's extremely difficult start to the year, adding that the company was hurt by strong business at the end of 2004, rising interest rates and competition, and stressing that the company's managers are "extremely focused on what we need to do."

That includes spending incentive dollars more strategically, reallocating resources for vehicles with greater potential for high-volume sales and improving marketing, Cowger said, according to AP.

In particular, Associated Press noted, he said GM needs to do a better job of conveying to customers the unique aspects of its cars and trucks.

He reportedly cited GM's announcement in January that it plans to put two safety features - OnStar telematics and electronic stability control - in all of its vehicles by the end of 2010 - it believes it would be the first automaker to make both features standard across its entire fleet.