GM Daewoo Auto and Technology Co.'s Tosca model (marketed internationally as the Chevrolet Epica - Holden Epica in Australia/NZ) has scored the highest marks among domestic mid-sized and large sedans in the Ministry of Transportation's pedestrian safety test, the company has said.

According to the Korea Herald, this is the first time the ministry has included a pedestrian safety test in its collision tests. The test measures the amount of damage caused to a person's head if it hits the bonnet/hood of the car during an accident.

The other mid-sized and large sedans tested were Hyundai's Grandeur, Kia Motors Corp.'s Lotze and Renault Samsung Motor's SM7, the report said.

According to GM Daewoo, its Tosca scored three stars and an average of 12 points in the pedestrian safety test and came top in the segment. The Tosca was followed by the SM7 and Grandeur that tied with three stars and averaged 8 points.

The Tosca also scored five stars in frontal and side impact tests and recorded the shortest stopping distance on both dry and wet surfaces among the compared vehicles, the company said.

Under dry conditions the Tosca came to a full stop in 43.4 metres and in 47.2m on a wet surface.