General Motors of Canada's Oshawa #1 plant is the most productive vehicle assembly plant in North America, according to "The Harbour Report North America 2005."

Oshawa #1 took the No. 1 spot for assembly productivity with 15.85 hours per vehicle. In total, GM has three of the top five assembly plants including the Oshawa Car Plant #2 which placed fourth.

GM also leds in eight of the study's 14 vehicle segments, three of them in cars and five in trucks. Last year, GM's vehicle assembly plants improved productivity by 2.5%, driving GM to become the most improved manufacturer for the last five years at a total rate of 28%.

Oshawa Car Plant # 1 produces the Chevrolet Monte Carlo and Impala. Plant # 2 produces the Buick Allure and Pontiac Grand Prix.